From an emotional point of view, if you agree, you probably have what`s called “passive dissent,” and if you`re married, you`re probably also familiar with this behavior at home. It`s when people nod their heads in the right places; “Yes, we should create that value! We will become the company of the future! Let`s be an inspiring vision.” And if you agree, then you need to share this understanding of the gap between the current state and the future state and make sure that it stimulates new behaviors, forces your team to do the hard work, not just work hard, and you need to make sure that the clarity of what you define advances the selection – because they need the ability to do these new things, so if you don`t have an “execution culture,” I guarantee you don`t have direction. McKeever: There is no firm line, because the line can move depending on the team and the context. But there are areas where the impact of the change is usually greater and where an agreement should be sought: hiring a top executive, mergers, entering a new market, regulatory or legal compliance, changes to the company`s infrastructure, and operational extensions or contractions. The truth is that you can`t just add all this as a net new to what you`re already doing, you have to let go of a few things to build capacity. So when you are conscious, nothing is let go, there is no de-selection, but when you are aligned, not only do you record new things, you abandon old things, things that no longer serve you. Things that represent the world as it once existed, that do not represent the world as it will exist. Great article as usual, Hanna! I`m always learning something and I feel like I can refer to your contributions! Last year I had to learn a lot about orientation in a new role (and not having to “win”) and it was good for me. When I learn where the other person comes from and how they see the subject and priorities, it helps me to orient myself and sometimes (most of the time!) to accept! YAY! Thank you for sharing. Build: In your article, you enter an acquisition -; something that presents a huge potential risk – ; as a scenario in which a high-level team might need agreement rather than guidance. In your experience, what other events typically require the search for convergence? A lot of people talk about what makes a powerful team. Beyond the practices and principles that are at stake, it focuses on the orientation towards the stated goal, vision, objectives.

For parents, this is a common situation. I know that my wife and I are very attached to what we want for our children; that they become responsible and trustworthy adults. However, we often disagree on different decisions on this path. We should use this orientation to explain our choice: one of us would explain how it gives our “responsible” goal of letting a teenager drive somewhere, and the other would explain how that teen`s non-conduct would achieve our goal of “Living to adulthood.”