Below, you`ll find possible answers for crossword puzzles-mentions of illegal secret agreements. If you still haven`t solved the crossword warning of illegitimate secret agreements, then why not search our database for the letters you already have! Human Rights Watch visited the site, verified satellite images of the area before and after the attack, and analyzed photos and videos taken there. The damage observed corresponds to the damage signatures detected by the satellite images. Satellite images taken on October 8 show at least 10 impact points within a radius of about 300 metres of the substation. An incendiary scar is also visible at the edge of the substation that leads to the center of the transformation units. Human Rights Watch visited seven of these effects. One of them was on the main control building; Four were on the outskirts of a primary school. A cluster munitions missile also hit a nearby store and dozens of submunitions damaged adjacent homes, shops and many vehicles. Human Rights Watch verified and verified three videos recorded at the time of the 13.m attack. Human Rights Watch located three videos on Twitter and Telegram and contacted videographers who provided longer, high-definition versions. In one of them, recorded by Artsakh Public TV on 4 October, about 100 metres from the substation and the main control buildings, at least eight detonations can be seen or heard, including on the substation and residential buildings.

In all three videos, the sounds of jet flies can be heard and two of the videos filmed from different locations show ammunition falling on the substation at an angle of 80 to 90 degrees. The angle of attack and the presence of aircraft above the head at that time corresponded to the release of ammunition. The 13-.m. strike was among more than half a dozen in the area around the substation for just one minute, some of which landed more than 400 metres away. Civilians who remained in Stepanakert and two municipal employees described power outages in the city after the attacks. An employee said in mid-October that electricity was available in some areas of Stepanakert and that they would pass it on to bunkers and cellars where people were seeking refuge. Repair work has been hampered by relentless attacks. Total damage was not available and he expressed concern about the supply of electricity during the winter months.

After the cessation of hostilities negotiated on 25 November, Hunan Tadevosyan, spokesman for the Nagorno-Karabakh relief services, told Human Rights Watch that electricity in Stepanakert was still limited and repair work was underway. Attacks on both the main control building and the substation may have caused civilian damage disproportionate to the immediate military advantage.