RIAI sought clarification on a number of technical aspects related to the applicability of VAT at the price of bonds (performance bonds, retention obligations, etc.) and received a very useful binding opinion from The Technical Income Services, in which the position was clarified. Secondly, this improvement addresses a consumer protection problem by explaining, within the framework of the Treaty, what the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is. The new series of contracts includes new RIAI short formulas to replace SF88, a new RIAI Design -Build form, other forms and practical support instructions and secondary documentation. Purchases can be made online at RIAI Bookshop Online. The third edition contains the changes to VAT. The amount of the contract is now declared included vat and a VAT analysis table is included in Article 2. RIAI is formally working with industry stakeholders on the Construction Industry Liaison Committee (L.C.), made up of delegates from RIAI, CIF, SCSI and CIRA-EI, as well as other bodies on certain RIAI work contracts and the Code of Conduct for Selective Tenders. In the coming weeks, RIAI will release new updates to make good progress in the new round of RIAI 2020 construction contracts. The 2020 editions will replace the 2017 editions published by RIAI. The “yellow” and “blue” forms of the RIAI 2017 construction contracts (riAI ©) published by RIAI are now available for the third edition (March 2020) and are available in bookstores as usual.