This agreement allows subscription licenses to be purchased for the duration of the contract in advance, instead of an annual renewal process. It should be noted that the Adobe ETLA agreement does not cover all Adobe products. As in the past, you have to buy these products from the IT purchasing team. We have a CLP agreement with Adobe that gives us discounts on other Adobe products. Volume Discount: Adjusted on the basis of the negotiated agreement 1.1 All Adobe products and support listed in this Enterprise Licensing Agreement (“ETLA”) are made available under the terms set out in this ETLA and under Adobe Enterprise`s licensing conditions (“Conditions of License”), terms and conditions, on-premise software exposure, on-demand and management services exposure, and product description and metrics (“PDM”) for ColdFusion, Creative Cloud, Desktop Products, Document Cloud, Document Cloud, Support Cloud, Desktop And Cloud Creation, Online Services and Adobe Enterprise Support are available under (the “agreement”). If there is inconsistency between the following parts of this agreement, the part mentioned above the inconsistency predominates: (i) this ETLA; (ii) applicable MDPs; (iii) exposures applicable to the terms and conditions of sale; and (iv) the terms and conditions of sale. Always the latest version of the software you need with ETLA, you can standardize Adobe products for a period of three years, which means your employees are always up to date. You will receive the latest versions and updates of Adobe software that are covered by your agreement. IT administrators can easily manage license compliance and download available software quickly and easily from a central location. ETLA is Adobe`s only agreement that allows virtualization and also provides support for multiple languages.

Adobe ETLA is a subscription-based licensing agreement. This means that the right to exploit the product is not eternal and only exists during the unlicensed period.