To follow the instructions of this article, you must have access to the computer on which the license is currently activated, to install an Internet connection and the Zemax license manager. The Zemax License Manager is automatically grouped with OpticStudio and Lensmechanix. If your currently licensed computer has been lost, stolen or had a hardware or software error, it cannot be transferred to a new computer and is subject to the Zemax License Policy. If you received a support update or subscription renewal email with a code in brackets like [123-456-789-d34-e456]. Skip the Softkey License Update section. If you want to move a Softkey license from one computer to another, continue below. If you are working on a computer without Internet access, please read “Activate, transfer or update a Softkey license on a computer without Internet access.” “Our mission is to help companies get optical products to market faster,” said Mark Nicholson, CEO of Zemax. “With subscription licenses, small and large customers have the latest Zemax software at their fingertips, precisely when they need it, without paying a license, upgrade or support fee. The software is a service with regular updates and feature extensions available for the time required. All of this gives access to global support engineers obsessed with customer success. Network licenses are hosted on a network server computer. Licensed seats can be used on different OpticStudio customer machines across the network up to the maximum number of seats purchased. Most of the time, these types of licenses automatically appear in zemax License Manager when you`re connected to your organization`s network.

If not, you`ll find additional information about the license configuration on your client computer here. Click Next to continue. The “End User Licensing Agreement” screen is then displayed. Read the terms of the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, click the box “: I accept the option box, then click Next to continue. The above licenses and your use of the software are personal to you. To use the software, you need to have an account with and register the license through your account.