Why does it matter? If you have a minority shareholder that you have subsequently filed for financing purposes and who does not agree with the proposed amendment, you have no recourse. If you are probably in such a situation, a standard shareholder contract may be a better option for you. In the event that the provisions of a unanimous shareholders` pact are not respected, there are several ways to apply it, including through contract law, the request for an injunction to a decision that leads to unanimous compliance with the shareholders` pact, “assistance in repression” or the request to dissolve the company in court. [P]by a mechanism by which shareholders can, by unanimous agreement, take away from directors some or all of their executive powers at the discretion of shareholders. Instead of removing directors from their positions, the United States simply releases them from their powers, rights, duties and responsibilities. This can be done without specific formalities… In fact, an “integrated partnership” is emerging with legal force. Creating a new business is a very exciting time for many entrepreneurs. However, enthusiasm and optimism for the new entity may lead a business owner to overlook the potential for disagreement in the future on how best to manage the business, the long-term commitments of shareholders and how the company or shares of the company can be sold. Implementing a shareholder pact can avoid significant conflicts, costs and distractions from street activities. The conditions of the United States are conditioned by the specific needs of the parties and must be adapted to the particular risks and objectives of those parties. The United States should expect likely events in the future and provide some flexibility in managing unforeseen events.

Several aspects must be discussed and negotiated at the outset, such as the nature and composition of the board of directors, the division of management between the board of directors and shareholders, between shareholders, withdrawal rights and other restrictions on the sale of shares, as well as the terms of the administrative documents already in force.