After the end of the spring semester and learning about the aggravating factors around COVID-19, the need to amend the agreement on residences20-2021 became clear. Universities across North Carolina are updating their housing agreement and the University of West Carolina is no different. “The old residence hall contracts did not contain any information on refunds, including those made in the spring of 2020 in response to the COVID 19 pandemic,” said Bill Studenc, WCU spokesman. “After the end of the spring semester and learning the aggravating factors around COVID-19, we realized that we needed to change the 2020-21 dorm agreement to solve the problem.” This contract provides accommodation for students taking courses. This contract is not considered a lease and is not specified. The relationship between WCU and those entitled to think is purely contractual and is not considered a landlord-tenant. For policies specific to the residence of students, please visit their website or check the lease. The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services, located in Room 202 Lawrence Center, supports students in all aspects of their campus life experience. These include monitoring residential staff, monitoring of higher education policies and procedures for campus residences, and monitoring of traditional North Campus Residence Halls and the South Campus Apartment Complex. Residence Life and Housing Services employees strive to make your campus home experience a pleasant experience and personal development.

If you need help, please call 610-436-3307 or e-mail This contract is for the entire academic year, including the fall and spring semesters, or for the rest of the year, if initiated during the academic year This is not a rental contract, the duration of the contract is determined by the WCU, which takes into account the dates of the proposed classes and exams. Residents recognize that in the event of temporary closures, restrictions and/or adjustments to the housing schedule, the WCU is not required to provide partial reimbursement or credit for these interruptions or adjustments. In the event that the WCU asks residents to evacuate the university accommodation, the occupant is responsible for removing all valuable personal items at that time. Since students have already signed the Residence Hall Agreement 2020-2021, this communication was sent to all students-in-residence to publicize any changes. In accordance with the residence Hall agreement previously signed, Residential Living could amend the contract and do so by notifying all parties involved. In addition, some companies or employees mandated by the WCU to provide certain services to campus housing may not be available or significantly limited in the event of a health or safety emergency. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this Agreement, the WCU may adapt, temporarily close and/or limit the use of residences, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement alone, in order to preserve the health and safety of residents and the campus community. “The school that doesn`t have to make a refund doesn`t mean it refuses to be able to expose them,” said Hagen Boggs, a student at WCU.

“The decision comes from the UNC system, and the university is just doing what they are told. If the memory works properly, they didn`t have to make refunds for the last semester, but they did. Not being obliged does not mean that they will not be. “It`s extremely difficult for them to make refunds,” said student Alexis Brodie.