You can register online for courses in the eKVV. To do this, you will need your registration number and your personal BITS password that will be given to you after you register at the University of Bielefeld. You can sign up for courses or unsubscribe at any time during the semester at eKVV. However, you should register as soon as you know that you are actually going to take the course, because it is only then that you receive emails from the teacher, that you will have access to the learning room with reading material for the course and that you get ECTS points at the end of the course (in German Credits – LP). Students are rated on a scale of 1.0 to 4.0, with 1.0 being the highest score and 4.0 the minimum grade required for a course. Inadequate test results are assessed at grade 5.0. The notes are as follows: Talk to a counsellor in your faculty before applying for studies abroad to discuss the details of the transfer. Your transcript is provided by the Examination Department of the Faculty of Sociology. At the end of the studies and exams, your academic results and grades are recorded in the electronic system of the Examination Office until the end of the semester and you will receive a transcript of the documents in German. With this transcript of the recordings, the faculty also provides a “Transcript Supplement” in English that explains the terminology and structure of the transcript to make it easy to understand. Where do I apply for the Erasmus exchange program? Why not associate your participation in this exchange with participation in an internship? We can send you an internship in the International Work Experience (IWE) before or after the exchange.

If you are interested in visiting both programs, please contact Michal Guzowski at for more information. The Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld generally requires knowledge of German or English at least at the B1 level, on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference (CER). At the BA level, a more in-depth knowledge of German is highly recommended, as most courses are taught in German (few are offered in English). At the MA level, the offer of English courses is wider, so it is enough to fill the required knowledge of English, while knowledge of German is not necessary. Yes, you can do it! The Erasmus programme aims to offer flexibility in the choice of courses that interest you personally. It is therefore possible to change your apprenticeship contract up to five weeks after your arrival. You must inform your Erasmus coordinator at your home university and Bielefeld of the changes, incorporate all course changes into your apprenticeship contract and have it re-signed to ensure recognition after you return to your home university. Alberta International University, Foreign Training If you are likely to leave Bielefeld before registering all study and exam results, you can ask exam board staff to mail you the official stamped version of your transcript.