If exceptions are needed, explain your reasoning to each employee so that they can learn from the situation. If z.B. someone works for a company in the sales department, they will probably use their business phone more than someone who works in that company`s compliance department. This is why employers can develop a flat-rate general directive for all employees and then develop an industry-specific directive for employees working in a particular department of the company. Mobile phones and smartphones should not distract you, the employee, from professional tasks. These devices should not be used to browse the Internet, to use social media for a long time, to play or to write for long periods of time. Mobile phones should never be used when heavy devices are operating during the journey or in situations where they can cause serious injury. Mobile phones and smart devices can be used to access corporate intranets and communication tools, check emails, and communicate with colleagues through language or text. When a phone is provided by the employer, the rules for the use of smartphones and mobile phones may be the same. You can change your policy to describe the possibility of making a personal call or sketching out the general use of the mobile phone that you would allow on the device if it is used for personal reasons.

General use of the phone can be a section that you should add to your mobile phone policy for businesses and employees. Your mobile phone contract is issued to the employer vis-à-vis the employee. Include the use of the device for the workstation and as one of the business phones provided by your employer or line manager. But, cell phones can also cause problems if used recklessly or excessively. The mobile phone agreement for the use of the company is a contract between an employer and the worker, the employer will provide a mobile phone to the employee for professional use. Read 3 min As with any other business policy, your employees should know that you are applying the rules consistently at all times. Your mobile phone policy applies to every member of the team, from the last employee to the business owner. Ask employees to keep mobile phones silent whenever possible, not to use them during meetings, and to focus mobile phone use at work on work tasks. Of course, it`s best to put all of this into your mobile phone staff policy. The agreement should also stipulate that the worker complies with federal and regional laws regarding its use, including during the journey. Their employees are no longer constantly distracted by incoming texts, phone calls and notifications on their phones or devices and those of their colleagues. This creates a much more productive work environment.

It`s good for your team members and your business. The agreement for your business should be based on what is best for your business and grant your employees some freedom within the limits you must impose. Limiting mobile phones, which employees consider too severe, could create moral problems and ultimately increase staff turnover. Be specific if you list the types of mobile phones that your employees are not allowed to perform at work. Add items like: Once you`ve created your mobile phone policy, distribute them to all different formats.