The Level 4 differentiation system allows applicants from low-risk countries defined in Schedule H of the Immigration Regulation to provide fewer supporting documentation of their application. Candidates who meet the requirements of differentiation generally do not have to submit: I do not know how I missed this section, but does anyone know if they will not take me into account as part of the differentiation agreement, if my request contains it? I`ve already scanned, posted and sent my passport, but I didn`t take care of my finances because I thought I didn`t need it unless I wanted to. Could you reject me in general or will they only ask for the documents? Students can qualify for the differentiation of student visas, as they are nationals of one of the low-risk countries listed in the ST 22.1 immigration rules (see below for the list). Under the differentiation procedures, all Level 4 applicants must continue to apply: nationals of certain countries are not required to provide proof of their qualifications or money when applying for a student visa. UKVI calls this the “differentiation agreement” for “low-risk students.” When an applicant is subject to the jurisdiction of the differentiation regime, he or she is generally not required to submit a document (see next section). However, applicants must continue to have the necessary documentation, as UKVI reserves the right to request evidence from the applicants. The list of nuanced nationals: documents that are not required by differentiation rules If you are dependent on a level 4 student eligible for UKVI differentiation schemes because you are considered a “low risk” you will need to provide less evidence when filing your application. If you are eligible for differentiation schemes, one of your support creditors is entitled to differentiation for as long as it is: if you are exempt from the provision of a document – or a group of documents – under the UKVI differentiation scheme, its guidelines expressly state this. Students eligible for differentiation are not required to provide proof of money with their initial visa application. Remember that there are a number of other documents required for visa applications, and you must always provide them. Our list of documents contains all the details. As the title indicates, after reviewing and filing my T4 visa application, I noticed that under the Documents section, there was an invitation that said, “Check here to confirm that you are the national of a differentiation agreement and that you wish to apply under this agreement,” showing that I chose “no” although I am a Canadian citizen and that I plan to use the differentiation agreement. Last updated, on 14 October 2020, UK Visas – Immigration (UKVI), a department of the Ministry of the Interior, has set up differentiation systems for students of certain nationalities that they consider to be a low risk.

– being a national (or citizen) of a country mentioned below (in Appendix H) It is important to know that you must meet the financial requirements on the date you apply online. Documents certifying that you have met the requirements can be requested by UK Visas and Immigration at any time during the application process. You should refer to the UKVI list of nationals subject to different documentary requirements to see if your nationality is considered a “low risk”. If your country is on this list and you apply for your visa in the country of your nationality, you are considered a low-risk national and you do not have to submit educational and financial documents with your application. However, you must continue to sign a statement on the student visa application form to indicate that you have the necessary evidence.