Sindbad is Oman Air`s loyalty program that was launched in 2006. It is a three-step loyalty program, managed directly by Oman Air. The three levels are Sindbad Blue, Sindbad Silver, who needs 20,000 miles of status or has flown 15 segments on Oman Air over a 12-month period to qualify and maintain the Sibad Silver Tier Level, Sinbad Gold, which needs 40,000 miles of status or 30 animal segments over a 12-month period to qualify and maintain the Sinbad Gold animal. Sisbad has entered into a partnership agreement with Etihad Airways` respective program and miles can be collected through several Sinbad partners. [23] Oman Air CEO Abdulaziz Al Raisi said: “We are proud and pleased with our new partnership with Salam Air. This codeshare agreement will make it easier for our customers to travel through our Muscat hub in cities in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sudan. This offers our customers throughout the network exciting new opportunities to enjoy seamless travel to these destinations and to enjoy a rich world of holidays and business trips. This codeshare agreement is the first low-cost carrier to have such an agreement with Oman Air. Salam Air CEO Captain Mohammed Ahmed said: “We are very proud of this new sharing code, which once again demonstrates our commitment to our passengers to deliver an ever-growing network and great connectivity.” While the government has not yet approved its agreement, the codeshare agreement is expected to begin on October 1. Wy will now sell tickets for Chittagong and Dhaka in Bangladesh, Sialkot and Multan in Pakistan and Khartoum in Sudan. Oman Air, the sultanate`s national airline, said it had implemented a codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways (KQ) covering services between its Muscat and Nairobi hubs. The new partnership will seamlessly connect with Kenya Airways customers when they reach Muscat directly from Nairobi.

Oman Air launched its flights to Nairobi in March this year, said a statement from the national airline. On the Nairobi-Muscat line will place its codeshare flight numbers on Oman Air flights, which will be operated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, she added. “With the new Code share agreement, CEO Paul Gregorovitch said: “Through this partnership, Oman Air is expanding its exemplary services to Kenya Airways customers. Trade between Kenya and Oman has continued to increase over the years, and this recent agreement is a natural development after the launch of our new flight from Muscat to Nairobi last March. Oman Air`s strategy, he said, reflects the national character of the country and the legendary hospitality of the Omani people and their culture of kindness. This, along with his internationally recognized services, has led to the awarding of various important awards and distinctions by many renowned organizations around the world, he added. Sebastian Mikosz, Managing Director and Managing Director of Kenya Airways Group, said the new codeshare agreement is an important part of their strategy to increase the choice, comfort and connectivity Kenya Airways offers its customers. Code-sharing partnerships and airline alliances continue to play an important role for Kenya Airways in improving the airline`s competitive offerings,” said Mr. Mikosz. Through this partnership, Kenya Airways is expanding its services to both tourists and those visiting friends and families in Oman – because of the cultural ties That Oman shares with the coastal parts of East Africa – notably Kenya and Tanzania,” he added.- As part of the agreement, Oman Air sets its WY code on Salam Air flights between Muscat and Chittagong.

Dhaka, Sialkot, Multan and Khartoum.